Winter’s coming!

FInally I can show Dani what real cold is like.  We’re supposed to have a high tomorrow of -2 F and a low of -6 F.  It’s not often below zero in the Ohio River Valley, especially not this far south.  Next time he claims it’s “sooo coooold” when it’s 60 degrees, I’ll be able to remind him what cold really feels like.  Hehe.


FInally working on the Straboy sweater I started last year for Cody.  I have one sleeve done and have made progress on the second.  Then they get attached to the portion of the body I’ve finished and I’ll work up the yoke.  I love the Donegal tweed I got at This is Knit in Dublin.  The shipping wasn’t nearly as expensive as I thought it would be.  It’s 4 kilos of yarn.  😀  Dani calls it “the passenger” because when I put it in the passenger seat of my car, the car starts complaining that the passenger is not wearing a seatbelt.  Maybe my car is very fond of yarn too?


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