MFKR 2018

Back in the Seattle again!

Has it really been two years since I last wrote anything here?  Why, yes it has been!   Tomorrow is mine and Dani’s 5th anniversary of marriage, although in gay years we’ve been together 15 years.  (We counted when we met as our anniversary until marriage finally became an option.)  Anyway, days go slowly and years pass quickly and here we are.

My favorite lambkin, Paul, is with us this trip.  Well, his name is Michael but he also goes by Paul and I’m not sure what he’d want to be called in a blog post.

We’re having a great time.  We got to Seattle on the 25th of  August and spent last night, the 28th, in Victoria.  We’re staying downtown in Seattle again tonight before heading down to Dumas Bay for the retreat tomorrow.   But we’re not going down there until I get me some Ivar’s chowder!