Unto you this day, a knitter is born.

I taught a friend of Dani’s (now a friend of mine) to knit a few weeks ago and sent him on his way with the promise that we’d get together again soon.  Well one thing led to another and the next thing I knew it had been weeks since I met Koty and yet I was hearing that he was turning up all over town with knitting in his hands.  He’d even taken a few spins on the drop spindle.  Tonight we decided that as he began his first sock, it was time to bestow upon him a great gift to recognize his transition from a knitter to a Knitter:  A set of Addi turbo-clicks.  I had an extra set and decided to give it to him, as I’d never find anyone worthier.  Welcome to the family, Koty!

And lo and behold, the angels did sing again and smile upon the land as Mike, another friend of ours, has begun the journey in earnest.  He had done some knitting before but never felt the tug that the rest of us feel toward knitting.  This week he has blossomed and has stopped worrying that every stitch is not perfect.  He has learned to get those stitches moving and he’s making some great progress.  I think we have another Knitter on the horizon.  He’s definitely getting into the knitter stage.  (I knew the alpaca would get him!  W00t!)

UFO Socks

Okay. I said I’d never let my knitting become like my crocheting. I’d never have more than one or two projects going at a time. I’m sorry. If you’re all finished laughing and collapsing on the floor with cramps in your abs, you can sit up and take an ibuprofen for the laughter headache you just got.

So now I’m getting out all the socks I’ve let jam up the knitting queue and finishing them. I don’t suppose it’s Second Sock Syndrome because in most cases I’ve either not finished the first sock or I’ve already started the second sock.

Socks currently in active stitch mode

Socks currently in active stitch mode

I figure I’ll be better able to concentrate on the Master Hand-Knitting Program from TKGA if I have a few UFOs cleared out of the pipeline and I can burn through socks pretty quickly most of the time. Wish me luck!

(And while we’re at it, I really need to watch my mouth and STOP PROMISING SWEATERS TO PEOPLE!)